Twin Flame "Trauma Bonds"
Heal the Trauma, Attract Healthy Bonds and Not Drama
What Are Trauma Bonds?
 Trauma bonds can negatively impact intimacy, divinity, and love in your relationships--especially your spiritual partnership.

Trauma bonds create a sort of 'artificial sense of love' where the bond is actually coming from wounding and trauma patterns that have not been healed. 
Trauma bonding refers to intense emotional attachments that form between people who have gone through deep emotional, physical, or psychological abuse or trauma, and their current bonds form through their pain.
Twin flame trauma bonds refer to the intense psychological attachment between twin flames who have experienced emotional pain or trauma in their past that has yet to be healed.

Twin flame energy is high vibrational and does not get stuck in trauma or pain -- otherwise the union will not last.

If the relationship feel like an addiction or an obsession, there is usually a trauma bond happening.

The trauma bond usually forms after a painful separation or abandonment, which triggers intense feelings of loss and abandonment.

While these bonds can feel intense, 'passionate,' and comforting in the moment, they can also be detrimental and can inhibit growth (of the couple/individual) if not addressed and worked through in a healthy manner.

Trauma bonds are often characterized by a cycle of kindness, violence, and fear, which leads to a deep sense of instability and confusion in the traumatized individuals.

Over time, trauma bonding can result in feelings of dependence, helplessness, and self-doubt, as well as a profound sense of loyalty to the abusive partner or situation.

The trauma can be severe (such as severe physical abuse) or mild (like an emotional trauma that triggers our sense of self-worth).

Over time, this bond becomes exceedingly strong, often leading to a dependence on the person who caused the trauma.

Twin Flame Trauma Storytime

For instance, Sarah, an interior designer from New York was in a traumatic relationship someone she believed to be her twin flame for several years.

Despite her ex Noah's emotional abuse, narcissism, and constant emotional manipulation, Sarah felt deeply attached and bonded to him and was sure he was 'her person.'

Sarah believed that Noah truly loved her, even though he frequently used threats and verbal abuse to try to control her, and broke up with her several times early in their relationship.

She experienced intense anxiety and fear when he'd threaten to leave her, and she constantly sought his approval and attention, despite her friend's and family's concerns, and the harm it is caused her mental and physical health.

Sarah became accustomed to believe that she couldn't live without him, and that leaving him would be impossible...

Until one day he did leave her--for good--and once he moved onto another woman, she knew it was time for deep self-healing and to focus on healing the trauma bonding patterns.

This set her on her path of awakening, and through doing deep work and healing mentorship, Sarah put herself back together and released the trauma so you could align with her true twin flame. She understood the difference between a trauma bond, and true twin flame energy, which she says feels much easier and light (and that they both work through the difficulty).

Unfortunately, so many women think a twin flame connection is a trauma bond and even become attached to the twin flame theory. "Twin flame" becomes something akin to obsession.

Are you suffering from a trauma bond, obsession, or painful twin flame separation?
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Here Are 6 Relationship Red Flags to Avoid:
1. Controlling behavior: If your partner is constantly trying to control what you do, who you talk to, or where you go, it could be a sign of an unhealthy relationship.
2. Jealousy and possessiveness: Jealousy is a natural emotion, but when it becomes excessive and possessive, it can lead to problems in the relationship.
 3. Lack of communication: A lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in a relationship. If your partner is unwilling to talk about important issues, it could be a red flag. 
4. Dishonesty: Trust is an important aspect of any relationship, and if your partner is dishonest or lies to you, it can quickly erode that trust.
5. Disrespect: If your partner is disrespectful towards you or other people, it can be a sign that they don't value you or your relationship.
6. Infidelity: Cheating is a major breach of trust in a relationship and can be difficult to overcome. If your partner has cheated in the past or is currently cheating, it may be a sign that the relationship is not healthy.
To those who have any or several of the above, they should not settle for the limited love they have been receiving.

It's not worth the pain and manipulation they endure. That is NOT a Twin Flame Union or Conscious Relationship.

How to Heal From Trauma Bonds?

So, what can you do if you find yourself in a trauma bond, and want to align with your twin flame union?

The first step is to recognize the bond for what it is - a harmful pattern that needs to be broken.

It can be difficult to acknowledge that the love you’ve been receiving is actually causing pain, but it’s essential to face the truth if you want to move forward.

Once you’ve acknowledged the trauma bond, the next step is to seek support.

This can be in the form of counseling, therapy, healing, talking to friends and family, or even joining support groups for survivors of trauma when necessary.

You need to surround yourself with people who love and support you, who can help you rebuild your sense of self-worth, and recognize your inherent value as a loving and good human being.

Reprogramming our mindset is also key to healing a trauma bond and aligning with your true twin flame.

It takes time and patience, but through affirmations, self-love practices, and visualization, you can shift your mindset from one of trauma and pain, to one of love and empowerment.

Remember, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” - Rumi

This quote speaks to the idea that our darkest moments can be the catalyst for our greatest transformation. The trauma bond may feel like a wound, but it’s also an opportunity to open yourself up to the love and light that you deserve.

Another good one is: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

This quote reminds us that our worth is not determined by the external circumstances of our lives, but by how we feel about ourselves.

If you’ve been in a trauma bond, you may have forgotten what it feels like to be truly loved and valued. But that feeling is still inside of you, waiting to be reignited.

Healing a trauma bond and aligning with your twin flame union is a journey that requires patience, support, and introspection.

But with dedication and a willingness to transform, you can break free from the bonds of trauma and embrace the love and light that you deserve.

And lastly, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” - Steve Jobs

While this quote may seem unrelated to trauma bonds, it actually speaks to the importance of aligning with your true purpose. When you’re in a trauma bond, it can be hard to see beyond the pain. But when you begin to focus on the things that bring you joy and fulfillment, you can begin to see a world beyond the trauma bond.

With the help of therapy Sarah began to work through her traumas.

Eventually, Sarah felt like she had made enough progress and was ready to start dating again. A year after leaving Noah, she was ready to focus on finding her true love. She knew that she was no longer willing to settle for anyone who wasn't right for her.

Then she became called to attracting her true Twin Flame and decided to try out Aphrodite University's Twin Flame BA Program, which is based on our 11 Phase Twin Flame Alchemy Formula to break free from her old trauma bond patterns and behavior.

Through this deep, beautiful, and at times tough work she became determined to overcome her past relationships...

It wasn't long before moving to a dreamy town in the South of France that Sarah met the man of her dreams - a digital nomad and shamanic healer Marshall, her Twin Flame.

There was an instant and undeniable connection between them. They had a deep understanding of each other that she had never experienced before.

Sarah knew that it was all thanks to her hard work and determination to heal herself and not running on fear and trauma.

She had manifested her true love by focusing on herself, on God/Goddess, and what she truly deserved.

It's stories like these that are proof that anything was possible when we put in the effort to heal the past and create the love life we have always wanted.

Practices that can help you heal from Divine Feminine Abandonment Wounds:
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Why Do Trauma Bonds Exist?
 According to psychological research, the formation of these bonds is often rooted in childhood experiences.

If a person experienced neglect, abandonment, or abuse in their early years, they may develop a deep-seated need for love and validation.

This need may lead them to overlook red flags in relationships, thinking that the love they receive is worth the pain they endure.

Statistics show that trauma bonds are more common than we think.

Here Are 15 Interesting Facts About Trauma Bonds:

1. Approximately 50% of people who experience emotional abuse also experience physical abuse.

2. Trauma bonds can develop between abusers and victims and can make it difficult for the victim to leave the relationship.

3. People who were emotionally abused as children are more likely to experience traumatic bonding in adult relationships.

4. Emotional abuse can lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

5. Women are more likely to experience emotional abuse than men.

6. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse.

7. Abusers may use tactics such as gaslighting, blaming, and isolation to maintain control and power over their victims.

8. Trauma bonds can make the victim feel dependent on the abuser for their happiness and well-being.

9. Emotional abuse can occur in any type of relationship, including romantic, familial, and professional.

10. Victims of emotional abuse may feel guilty or responsible for the abuse they experience.

11. Emotional abuse can happen in both heterosexual and LGBTQ+ relationships.

12. It can take time for a victim to recognize they are being emotionally abused and seek help.

13. Therapy and support groups can be helpful for recovering from emotional abuse and trauma bonds.

14. Emotional abuse can have a negative impact on the victim's physical health, including symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain, and digestive issues.

15. Children exposed to emotional abuse in their home environments are at higher risk for developing mental and physical health problems later in life.

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