What Is a Dark Feminine Awakening?

A Dark Feminine Awakening is a Divine Feminine Awakening and a Dark Night of the Soul occurring at the same time.

The Dark Feminine Awakening blends is a period of deep sadness, desolation, and despair—an essential phase of consciousness evolution.

Yet, it is a powerful opportunity for growth that can transform you inside-out, bringing you closer to your Higher Self, which is where you and your twin flame are merged.

Good news--your dreams and purpose, even your Twin Flame, might just be around the corner!

Finding harmony between our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies ("Twin Flames") often involves going through a difficult phase known as the "dark night of the soul."

What Is a Dark Night of the Soul?

The term "Dark Night of the Soul" originated from the writings of the Spanish mystic and poet, St. John of the Cross. It refers to a profound spiritual crisis or period of intense struggle and suffering that individuals may experience on their spiritual journey.

During a Dark Night of the Soul, a person may feel a deep sense of spiritual emptiness, despair, and a loss of connection to their faith or higher power. It is often characterized by feelings of confusion, doubt, and a sense of being lost or abandoned. This experience can be extremely challenging and may involve emotional and psychological turmoil.

However, the Dark Night of the Soul is also seen as an opportunity for growth and transformation. It is believed to be a necessary stage on the path to spiritual enlightenment, where individuals face their deepest fears, confront their shadows, and ultimately emerge with a deepened wisdom, strength, and connection to their spirituality.

It's important to note that a Dark Night of the Soul is not a mental health disorder but rather a spiritual and existential crisis. If someone is going through this experience, it can be helpful to seek support from trusted spiritual advisors, counselors, or mental health professionals.
What Is a Divine Feminine Awakening?

The divine feminine represents the receptive, intuitive, nurturing, and creative aspect of the psyche. It is the embodiment of unconditional love, compassion, and empathy. Awakening the divine feminine is a process of reconnecting with this aspect, allowing it to shine and heal all the aspects of oneself that need healing.

A divine feminine awakening refers to a spiritual process where an individual, often a woman, reconnects with and embraces their innate feminine qualities, power, and wisdom on a deep level. It involves tapping into the expansive energy associated with the feminine aspect of creation and finding balance within oneself.

This awakening process can lead to increased self-awareness, self-love, and empowerment, as well as a deeper understanding of feminine spirituality and its connection to the world around us. It may also involve unraveling societal conditioning and healing past traumas to reclaim one's true feminine essence. Ultimately, a divine feminine awakening is a personal journey of self-discovery and transformation.

The path to spiritual awakening often starts with the "alchemical lead" - a feeling of discomfort, emptiness, and pain. This period of time is referred to as the dark night of the soul, and leads into our Ascension - the "spiritual alchemical gold" that we strive to become.

13 Phases of the Dark Feminine Awakening

As we've said, the Dark Feminine Awakening is an initiation that combines elements of a Dark Night of the Soul with a Divine Feminine Awakening.

This is a profound spiritual and personal transformation experienced by women and men healing their Divine Feminine, and is characterized by a deep exploration of the shadows, reclaiming true power, and connecting with the true divine feminine energy within them.

During a Dark Feminine Awakening, a woman may experience a range of profound shifts and transformations in her life.

Here is a general outline of 13 phases that Divine Feminines may go through on their path towards self-discovery and empowerment.

Keep in mind that each person's journey is unique, and these phases may not necessarily apply in the same order or intensity for everyone!

Here is a possible outline for such a journey:

1. Feeling Discontent:

You experience a sense of inner dissatisfaction with societal expectations and norms.

2. Questioning: You begin to question the roles, stereotypes, and expectations placed on women.

3. Seeking Knowledge: You delve into research, education, and exploration to broaden your understanding of feminism, spirituality, and personal empowerment.

4. Shadow Work: You confront and explore your shadow aspects, including repressed emotions, beliefs, and traumas.

5. Embracing Darkness: You learn to accept and integrate the darker, non-conforming aspects of yourself.

6. Healing and Releasing: You embark on a healing journey, addressing past wounds and releasing limiting beliefs.

7. Empowerment: You cultivate self-confidence and assertiveness, reclaiming your power as a woman.

8. Boundaries and Self-Care: You establish healthy boundaries and prioritize self-care to protect your well-being.

9. Authentic Expression: You find your voice and express your truth authentically, whether through creativity, activism, or other means.

10. Sisterhood and Community: You seek connection and support from like-minded women, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

11. Activism: You become engaged in advocating for women's rights, gender equality, and the empowerment of all individuals.

12. Integration: You integrate the lessons and insights gained throughout your journey into your daily life.

13. Transcendence: You move beyond personal empowerment and contribute to the collective awakening and transformation of society.

It's important to recognize that the Dark Feminine Awakening is a deeply personal and individual journey, and the key is that it is messy, painful, and it can feel like we've failed and we don't have it in us to keep on going...

But the good news is that once you initiate through the phases and step into Divine Feminine Love, you're stronger and ready for the next level of abundance.

Each Dark Feminine Awakening starts with pain, but it often leads to profound growth, self-discovery, pleasure, light, and a much more authentic and empowered way of being as a Divine Feminine leader.
Gift in a Dark Feminine Awakening

A Dark Feminine Awakening is a transitional phase in a priestess' life that signals letting go of outdated beliefs, patterns, and practices that are no longer serving one's highest good.

Facing the shadows and pain of the dark night of the soul is a challenging but necessary process.

It requires a willingness to look within and face all the debris that has been buried deep within the psyche. It's a process of coming face to face with oneself and confronting all the limiting beliefs, emotions, traumas, and patterns that have been holding one back.

Knowing how to heal from the dark night of the soul and awaken the divine feminine is crucial to finding true fulfillment in life, living your purpose, finding true love and connecting with your twin flame.

Here Are Some Ways to Heal From the Dark Night of the Soul and Awaken the Divine Feminine:

1. Embrace your feelings and emotions

One of the most crucial steps in healing from the dark night of the soul is to acknowledge your feelings and emotions. Many people try to suppress or hide their emotions by numbing themselves with distractions, such as drugs, alcohol, TV, shopping, or food. However, this is not a sustainable solution. It's important to allow oneself to feel the pain, sadness, anger, and grief that arises during this period. Releasing old emotions and feelings allows new, positive emotions and thoughts to take root.

2. Journaling

Journaling is an excellent way of accessing one's inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Often, we are not conscious of our true thoughts and emotions, and by writing things down, we can see them with a new perspective. Journaling provides a way to organize one's thoughts and feelings and allows for deeper exploration of new ideas or ways of looking at things. The act of writing also releases negative energy, helping to make room for new and positive energies and thoughts.

3. Meditation

Meditation is a powerful practice indeed. It is found to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, alleviate anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality. It's a tool that one can use to tap into one's higher self, intuition, and genuine feelings. Meditation can help in sharpening one's focus, which is crucial in acknowledging suppressed feelings and emotions.

4. Embrace your shadow self

To awaken the divine feminine and find your twin flame, it is essential to embrace one's shadow self, or the hidden and rejected aspects of oneself. These include the negative traits, emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that one has learned to hide from others or oneself. Embracing the shadow self means that one is willing to see, acknowledge and integrate these darker aspects of oneself, ultimately leading to knowledge and self-acceptance.

5. Connect with others

Finally, it is essential to connect with other people to overcome the dark night of the soul. We should surround ourselves with people who uplift, motivate, and inspire us, who support us through the challenging times and encourage us to grow.

To you my powerful and divine feminine leader sisters...

Let's embrace the activation of the Dark Feminine Awakening, channeling the power, purpose, and even the struggle it brings!

It takes a village to raise a powerful feminine leader....

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