Aphrodite University Terms

  1. Be willing to learn, grow and be enriched.
  2. Be willing to be supported by your High Priestess Professors, speakers, students, and community.
  3. Listen and share with an open mind. Be willing to explore whatever comes up.
  4. Don’t hold back. Communicate openly and compassionately.
  5. Take full responsibility for your choices, attitudes and behaviors.
  6. Challenges are suggested and for you to agree too or disagree too.
  7. Some challenges and in session activities are physical in nature. Please honor your body and discuss yourparticipation with a physician if you have any question as to your abilities.

Liability Release & Program Confidentiality Agreement:

  1. I understand that by enrolling in Aphrodite University, I am investing in the Divine Feminine new paradigm and vow to do my best to stay in love, clear fear, commit to action, receive the support I need, and will attend the courses and office hours I need to get the support I need. I also know I have our community forum open and available mid-April where I can share, receive support, and network with a community of students.
  2. All Aphrodite University programs and materials are proprietary and legally copyrighted by individual High Priestess Professors including Dr. Amanda Noelle for her courses. Re-use or redistribution of any material is prohibited without written consent.
  3. I understand that because a High Priestess Professor or Aphrodite University Healer is not licensed to deal with crisis involving mental health, child abuse, potential suicide, and physical harm to others or property, that Aphrodite University High Priestess Professors will report any incidents to the proper authorities. Only under these circumstances will we “break” our confidentiality agreement as legally mandated.
  4. There are no refunds or returns on tuition. We agree to provide the best level of spiritual and BLI$$ness education possible and if you are not satisfied or have feedback, please contact us at admin@aphroditeuniversity.org to address your concerns.
  5. I understand that I am participating in a program that may result in changing how others perceive me and how I perceive myself. I understand that my current relationships may change, positively or negatively, as a result of my work at Aphrodite University.
  6. I understand that my degree duration will last for the time mentioned: the MBA program is for one year, the PhD is for 4 years, and the MA is for 3 years. At the end of my program cycle, I will be reminded that my program will expire and that I will no longer be able to access my materials, course recordings, and activities online unless I pay a tuition extension fee at the rate that is offered at that time. You are welcome to extend your program for as many months/years as you would like.
  7. I understand my High Priestess Professors are here to guide me, however, I am ultimately responsible for any and all decisions I make during or as a result of my work with them. While the courses are geared to help you build your success and we will share 6-figure income tools and formulas, there are no guarantees and your results will also depend on  your ability, motivation, etc.
  8. I take full responsibility for my choices and behaviors during, and as a result of working with any or all of the Aphrodite University programs. On behalf of myself and my heirs, I release Aphrodite University from any financial, legal, physical, or psychological impact that results from my participation in this coaching program as well as any claim for failure to produce the results I intended.
  9. I understand that I am signing up for training and agree to pay the monthly tuition fees via automatic billing to my credit card or the full fee if I have chosen the full payment option up front.
  10. I understand that if I miss a class, most classes can be accessed via recording.
  11. Sometimes there may be technical or clerical errors as we are a new university and so I will try my best to hold a compassionate space and communicate clearly if something needs to be addressed to make the university run smoother.
  12. I understand that all members of the university – you, other students, High Priestess Professors, and Dr. Noelle are a team and our mutual support of one another will help one another grow. I promise to do my best to address insecurities, jealousy, blame, judgement, and persecution at bay so that I can heal myself and the team!
  13. via automatic billing to your credit card. If I am paying via check, I understand that Susan must receive my check by the 5th of each month or a $5 late fee will accrue each day there after. If payment is not received, I understand that I may be removed from the faculty forum, the drop box and lose access to all downloadable materials and recordings without notice.
  14. I understand that Aphrodite University High Priestess Professors have different levels of ability, expertise, and qualification and while we try to pick the most resonant ones for our mission, High Priestess Professors’ opinions, teachings, and lessons are only one possibly opinion or direction and are not always a reflection of the university as a whole.

Amanda Noelle Miller, 2014, Founder of Aphrodite University

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