What are you doing walking around with that dirty aura, girl?  Past life $h*t, old relationship crap, negative childhood stuff, sexual shame, past failures, breakups, and last week’s news…  It’s time to let it go!

Here is how and why to keep your Divine Feminine energy clean and clear…

Why to Gain Auric Clarity

Clean things up in your aura, your home temple, car, or work space or in any space will help you make leaps and bounds in all areas of life.

You’ll manifest new opportunities, new people, and go to new places. You’ll suddenly feel unstuck or at least a bit more hopeful. Without a Divine Feminine energy cleanse first, you’ll only be carrying the weight on your auric shoulders and the feminine tends to hold onto pain and problems!

As our body, our home, and our past holds onto energy, energetic cleansing regularly with intention is super important. Full moons are a great time to do this, and new moons are a great time to set the new intentions. For instance, attending a fire circle with drumming would be a perfect time to clear your aura! The element of fire is a particularly potent energy cleanser.

We can clearly see the importance of personal hygiene and maintenance but what is so often forgotten is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. There are entirely separate dimensions and realms out there that we neglect daily but influence us incredibly!

How can you cleanse your home, bedroom, work space and aura?

Auric cleansing is an ancient technique that we still see present in many cultures today. For example, the Native Americans use a technique called Sage Smudging to cleanse spaces and auras. You can do this too by burning one end of a dried sage bundle.

You can purchase these at your local spiritual shop or grow and dry the sage yourself! To cleanse a room using sage, begin with the East corner and move the smoke up and down in this area. Use a feather to fan the smoke if you’d like.

Then continue this technique in the South, West and North corners. After you are finished sage smudging the corners, be sure to sage up towards your ceiling to honor Father Sky and down towards the floor to honor Mother Earth. To cleanse your aura using sage, follow the same pattern. Envelope your body in the sage smoke beginning with the East side of your body, then moving down to the South, up to the West side and all the way up towards the North. Be sure to sage smudge your back side as well. Now, this is just ONE way you can cleanse your home and aura.

Here are four other ways you can practice energetic hygiene!

1. Salt Baths: This is one of our FAVORITE ways to cleanse my aura because we get to relax in my sea-salted tub and become the mermaid that we are. Just fill the tub with water to a desirable level and add sea salt or Epsom salt. If you’d like to get creative, add your favorite herbs and crystals! We use lavender and rose quartz to amplify my Aqua Goddess within!

2. Tibetan or Crystal Bowl Music: The frequencies that resonate from the Tibetan and Crystal bowls are extremely purifying and cleansing. Check out YouTube for some great resources or purchase your very own bowl! They are easy to play and can be integrated into your meditation practice. Just by playing the bowl, you will be cleansing your space and aura free from any energetic gunk. Plus, they will leave you feeling relaxed and balanced!

3. Sun Bathing: Yes, sun bathing is very cleansing for your aura! Just spending 10 minutes outside in the sun can transmute any lingering unwanted energies. Don’t spend too much time in the sun as you might burn, but laying out for five minutes on each side is safe and incredibly restoring. Breathe is an important activation for aura clearing and physical clearing, so breathe deeply into your lungs while connecting to the energy of the sun.

4. Crystal Smudging: Following the same model as sage smudging, you can use crystals to cleanse a space and your aura. Selenite or Black Tourmaline are only suggestions and you can use whatever you feel called to. Hold the crystal between your hands for a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply to activate it. The heat and compression from your hands will activate the stone or crystal and the amplified energy will bounce off in waves. Then begin smudging your space or aura following the Native American technique mentioned above. Happy Cleansing!

5. Full Moon Rituals: Write down the things or energies that you would like to release on a piece of paper, or at least have them in mind. The full moon is a potent time for cleansing the past, while the new moon is an ideal time for setting new intentions for the future.

The number one tool that we haven’t listed here because it’s present in all of the steps, is to use psychic visualization, and to imagine dark energies evaporating, disappearing, or being removed from your aura during meditation or anytime during the day.

A good way to do this is to envision each of the chakras undergoing a chakra cleanse, where you bring in red, orange, yellow, etc colored energies into each of your corresponding chakras.

You are a powerful way-shower, and you can clear anything from your past and from your life to start anew.

Join us live for a full moon ritual to upgrade your energy and clear your psychic space to create what you want in your life and love life!