Past-due payments, one-time payments adjustment in 1SC

How to charge for past-due payments or change the date/amount of one monthly recurring charge in 1SC

NOTE: ​If student is past due on a product, the system will continue to try to process the charge indefinitely. If a new CC is entered, give it a couple of days and the system will resume charging and ​should collect the past due charges.

​1) ​To speed up the process and immediately charge the new card, go to “recurring orders”​ and ​click on ​the ​client name​.

2) To the right of the name, on the same line, you will see a “status” button. It will probably read “overdue”.

​3) ​Click “edit”​ on the far right​, change the date to today’s date​ (or whichever date you want the card to take the payment)​, click “save”, and click on “process next charge” that is toward the top of the page. 

4) If you want to change the amount of this charge, you may also do that – just remember to click “save” after any change you make, and then “process new charge”.

​NOTE: ​Anything done on this page is only done to the NEXT CHARGE and then reverts back to original program terms.

*If the student owes ​more than one ​month, you can ​either let the system catch up on its own, or you can change the date to today (or any date you choose), enter the total amount that you want charged to the CC (for example, the total amount past due), ​click “save” ​and​ ​then click “process next charge” ​and ​th​e past-due​ payments will be charged ​in one lump sum ​and the system ​will ​revert back to original terms for the next recurring payment.​