Around the globe, women are waking up…spiritually.

We “woke women” are attending goddess circles, going to therapy, activating our chakras, hitting up sacred sites on retreats, and many of us have done plant medicine.

Conscious women are individuals who have a deep understanding and awareness of themselves and the world around them. They prioritize their spiritual growth and personal development, which extends to all aspects of their life ‚Äď including their physical appearance.

There is something undeniably attractive about a woman who exudes self-love, confidence, and inner peace. Conscious women approach life from a holistic perspective, valuing the connection between mind, body, and soul. This translates into a more balanced and healthy lifestyle, which, in turn, enhances their physical appearance.

One can often recognize a conscious woman by the way she carries herself. She radiates a warmth and positive energy that draws others in. She knows her worth and is not afraid to show it. Her beauty shines from the inside out, making her all the more attractive.

But being conscious is not just about physical appearance. It is a mindset that affects how one carries themselves in all aspects of life. Conscious women are mindful about their impact on the world, and they take responsibility for their actions. They are empathetic towards others and strive to make a difference in the world.

Yet so many conscious women are afraid to come out of their “woo-woo closets” because they’re afraid that the typical sexy, corporate, beer-drinking alpha male will not want them. And she doesn’t want to give up her options and get relegated to dating only hippie guys!

I know, because I was that woman. Though I’m now married to a sexy engineer, I was scared to let the men I dated that I was a closet priestess who could read his aura! It wasn’t until we went on a date at Burning Man that I opened up about my woo, read his aura, and blew his mind… To this day he says that the sexiest thing about me is my consciousness.¬†

This article will help both women and men understand why we conscious women are the superior choice when it comes to dating, relationships, and marriage.

Whether we’re yoga girls, shamans, fire dancers, Burners, acupuncturists, light workers, tantrickas, or raw alchemists, we’ll blow your mind, body, and soul, and here’s why…

Here are 50 reasons why we conscious women are hotter:

  1. We have hot yoga bodies, and embody them fully, baby!
  2. We like to have fun outdoors, aren’t afraid to get dirty, and love¬†going on camping adventures
  3. We enjoy having intelligent conversations that open your mind; we can talk all night long about esoteric topics like sacred geometry, the Pleiadians, and tantra
  4. We¬†tend to have a stash of high-quality¬†organic chocolate to share with¬†you, if you’re lucky ūüôā
  5.  We are on our soul purpose, which gives us an aura of power, focus, and drive
  6. Our majestic ability to channel higher wisdom provides our partner with a constant stream of answers, entertainment, and activates them with sexy galactic light codes!
  7. Our dewy skin glows with a magical goddess radiance that makes you want to¬†see more of it…
  8. We don’t need anyone to financially support us, though we are happy to receive!
  9. We are surrounded by other sexy conscious women who lift up our moral
  10. We don’t rely on ‘the man’ to tell us what to do and instead write our own (very fascinating) stories
  11. We¬†can stay up late dancing without needing to do drugs or drink because we’re¬†naturally high most of¬†the time
  12. Men¬†don’t have to expend our energy making us¬†happy; we’re¬†already happy
  13. Because we’ve¬†mastered ¬†self-love, we’re not super needy, and anything you¬†do to us¬†is just a¬†bonus (and we¬†really love and appreciate you for it!)
  14. We can have multiple orgasms
  15. Our more yogic bodies can be twisted into pretzel-like shapes in bed, allowing you to stretch deeper into the lovemaking experience
  16. We’re so much more¬†fun because we’ve already been to Burning Man and know that it’s OK to let loose
  17. Fact: our pussies taste better because our healthy diets give us an optimal vaginal pH
  18. We don’t beat around the bush – we aren’t afraid to communicate what we want in bed, yielding more pleasure for IMG_2992everyone!
  19. We’re authentic so we don’t cheat, play or lie to our lovers, and instead save them lots of time and make them feel secure
  20. We love to dance and tend to be sexy ass dancers
  21. We’re¬†free spirits and don’t try to tie our man down, and instead want to lift him up and bring him to our own level of freedom
  22. We¬†don’t have hang ups about the way we¬†look, and instead know that we’re goddess bombshells
  23. We’re¬†incredible lovers and often know tantric secrets
  24. We let our partners have their space to grow and evolve, which makes the relationship sexier
  25. We’re¬†frigging powerful, which makes us more attractive
  26. We’re¬†open-hearted
  27. We’re¬†giving and generous, like a goddess naturally is
  28. We’re¬†compassionate and can hold our partners in tenderness during the darkest times
  29. We’re¬†passionate lovers so we make world class¬†life-long partners rather than just brief love stories (but we can do that too)
  30. We’re¬†good listeners so you’ll save money on therapy!
  31. We¬†take responsibility for our¬†own emotions and triggers so we don’t sit there huffing underneath our breath like most¬†women who expect you to be mind readers
  32. We¬†like to do odd yet entertaining rituals that men who often don’t understand what the hell we’re doing, yet¬†our veil of mystery¬†is sexy¬†and alluring
  33. We’re¬†incredibly romantic creatures who will let you massage our sexy bodies all night long
  34. Because we’re gifted healers, we naturally¬†lift our men up to higher heights than they¬†could ever go without us
  35. We don’t need a man, but he’s a hell of a bonus
  36. We can make you all kinds of crazy healthy and yummy snacks made with all kinds of crazy seeds, nuts, and super foods you ain’t never heard of
  37. Our magical elixirs improve our men’s health and sexual performance
  38. =We gift our men with less bloating and fatigue via our kombucha, probiotics, and sauerkraut
  39. Our feminine energy enlivens our men and allows them to realign with bliss and the deeper meaning of life
  40. Our nurturing Divine Feminine spirits bring our men comfort and let their inner children out
  41. Our tantric skills set will bring you to the Higher Dimensions, opening you up to Buddha, Jesus, and Allah, holla!
  42. Our healthier bodies make clean vessels for highly conscious children to be born
  43. We help the world become a better place, so your (future) kids will probably be New Earth leaders
  44. Our capacity to read your past lives comes in handy to heal our mens past wounds, so you can have a more vibrant relationship
  45. Because we’re on an Ascension path, we stay open-minded and do what’s in the highest good, which may involve doing something very shamanic,¬†alternative, or even downright kinky¬†in bed
  46. We use every sexual experience as a path to enlightenment and spiritual understanding
  47. We don’t shame any part of our lovers, and instead encourage them to show up fully, which helps them feel like real men
  48. Our superior physiques can work harder in bed and sustain holding rigorous positions, yielding longer and stronger lovemaking sessions
  49. Our connection to the Divine Feminine gives us magical powers that our men may never fully understand, which only makes them want us more!
  50. We tend to have online businesses so we make great travel dates, are mobile, and can live anywhere in the world!