how to make a free gift for your websiteWhen crafting your free gift for your website, you need to create something so yummy and delicious, that your ideal client, your “Soulmate Client” (as we call her at Aphrodite University) wants to practically grab it off the page. Your free gift is the most important item on your entire website, and it has to link it with an opt-in box grabbing their name and email address.

It’s how random web surfers will become clients, how people who are fans get to know you well enough to say “I am ready to hire you!” and how you can start shifting your Soulmate Client’s lives before they even meet you for their first session. Here are seven 7-figure sexy secrets to help you craft your free gift; one so yummy your Soulmate Clients will be snapping them up in droves!:

(1) Write down a list of your Soulmate Client’s biggest problems

Write down in the flow, a paragraph, list or bullet points, all of the things your Soulmate Client may be staying up late at night worrying about. If you are a health coach, it might be that she feels horribly uncomfortable in a bikini, or she may have cancer and need a natural way to solve it, or she may have energy fatigue and kids zapping her energy. Write this list down and really get a sense of what her pain is. That’s where the fun begins, because you get to inspire her to go to her pleasure. The “Pain to Pleasure Problem” (P2PP) is the problem your Soulmate Clients have that make them actually whip their credit card out and want to pay you for your help. Something vague like “feeling better” or “living a happy life” is not a P2PP, or at least not a grounded one. Thus, this exercise of writing down their pain points will really ground not only your gift but your BLI$$ness soul purpose as well!

(2) Now write down a list of your Soulmate Client’s deepest desires of what she wants to achieve in her life

This is where it starts getting really really juicy; you get to be the magical fairy that creates a space for magic, dreams come true, and expansion. You help your clients, customers, and students get their desired results. You open them to the field of unlimited possibilities! This exercise is great to do over and over and over, even if you have been in you BLI$$ness for years. It will freshen you up and remind you how and why you are in service to your clients.  It will get you pumped up to be their fairy or angel or therapies! Go with the flow and write down all the little details of why they want to hire you – what is it that they will be changing in their lives? If you are a relationship coach, will yo help them attract and achieve a healthy partnership? Will you help them clarify what kind of partner they need to live their soul purpose? Will you help them heal their low-self esteem childhood crap that has blocked them from dating their best match?  Write down the details too, like that you will help them save money in this way, or have shiny hair, all the little things that your work may actually achieve for them.

website free gift

(3) Create a sizzling name for your gift that is in alignment with your brand.

Whatever you do, don’t say, “Please sign up for my newsletter.” Or, “Get your free gift!” Snore….generic boring blah! I am so certain that I have only signed up for free gifts if I felt truly excited, and I am sure that your clients will say the same thing. Seduce them, turn them on, get them curious. Call it a kit, or a toolkit, or a course, a makeover, or a training program. A nutritionist could have a “7-Day Juicy Cleanse Kit” where you send out 7 recipes daily, or videos or whatever you want in there.

(4) Come up with a format for your gift that you feel really good about.

You can do videos, mp3s, meditations, free reports, a combination, something really simple. It doesn’t have to be super super elaborate. One of my favorite spiritual diva teachers has two 6-minute long mp3 meditations that you can listen to daily for a few weeks. Videos are pretty cool since people will be able to get a taste of your personality and soul.

(5) Link your free gift with your opt-in box

Mailchimp, 1shoppingcart, InfusionSoft, Aweber and Constant Contact are services that link to your website opt-in and any tech assistant and most virtual assistants can set these up for $10-50. Super easy, but we spiritual women can get overwhelmed with it. I say hire someone, but many of our students at Aphrodite University DIY to save money and are better on WordPress than I am.

(6) Have your free gift on every page of your website, not just the front page

The exception to this rule would be on a launch page or page where you don’t want any distractions. The reason you want to have your free gift all over your website is because not everyone will find you via the homepage. Lots of people will be popping in from Google, from your blog, from that YouTube video on one of your blog pages etc. Put your free gift at the top and bottom of your blog pages, your home page, and other pages. Optimize your website for easy opt-ins for your hot free gift.

(7) Offer your free gift to anyone who you feel needs it

Offer it at parties, share it at your public speaking gigs, tell your Youtube fans about it. You’re on your way once you have people popping their name and email address on your website because you are now going to be in touch! Having their email will allow you to invite them to free live events, share your blogs, take webinars, etc. Without their emails it’s hard to reach them on social media.

Great job, now go sip a pink drink by the pool and paint your toenails. Wahoo, pink champagne toast to you SeaStar!