Is that I don’t really know what the heck I am doing, and I do it anyway.

thumb-2In this blog I am going to share how I went from 4-figures to 6-figures almost overnight, as a hippie healer chick who was totally afraid of money, and how you can do crazy $h*t like this too, even when you have no idea what you’re doing.

This month I did something crazy – I opened this Aphrodite University because Spirit called me to do so, my heart craved it, and I could feel it and know it would be good. But I was friggin scared $hiftless! Me? Open a university? That’s nuts…But I knew I had to or my soul wouldn’t shut up… So I did it anyway….

There is always that wall of fear and doubt, but I’ve gotten used to it, and have learned from experience that fear and doubt are by no means any indication of reality. Get this: within a few weeks of our launch, we had and had made $13,000 and have an entourage of the most beautiful High-Healed Priestesses I could dream of. Which is really exciting considering that Aphrodite University was simply in dream-format 30 days ago! Now that’s an example of Divine Feminine PU$$Y Power creation!

‘The unknown’ is a classic energy of the Divine Feminine and is meant to be embraced

It just hit me yesterday – as I collaborate and build our university – I don’t want students, teachers, and staff to ‘know what they’re doing’ in life! Because that’s just not as ! I love people who are curious about creating new paradigms based on un-knowing and undoing the patriarchal models and creating from our current desires through. I hate control freaks because I used to be one. I always wanted to know the future, the next step, and I spent more time planning versus living. But by the time I was 21 I was so burnt out I was in so much chronic pain I could hardly move.


We the Divine Feminine lightworkers and new age stars are shifting soooo quickly. We are flying by the seat of our pants because the New Earth has not yet been created, both physically and energetically. The codes haven’t been written yet, so it’s up to us as conscious beings who hold balanced Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies – we Christ-Magdalene holders – are here to create these new codes, realities, grids, and light cities. Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

The medicine: it’s time to connect to our DREAMS AND DESIRES as we convert the past codes of lack, control, and pain into fuel for passion, love, and desires.

It’s OK to be fu%&ing scared $hiftless

The Divine Daughter just woke up a few months ago, and She stepped into it herself and was also handed down a blessing from the Divine Father to take a leadership role on the earth. It’s about time! And yet she’s freaking scared and she doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing yet, which is why women together around the earth and through organizations like Aphrodite University women can collaborate and connect to discover our dreams and desires, so that we can create new pathways and even gridlines for the New Earth!

thumb-1Let’s stop judging ourselves about ‘not knowing’ (at least consciously as I believe we do know everything!). Let’s stop hating ourselves for not knowing what to do in our lives next at this moment.

Actually, I don’t even really like spending time around people who ‘know it all’ about everything and who judge you when you don’t know the next step in life. I don’t want to be or force anyone to be perfect little women (or men), with their lives all together, normal, traditional, and who are on a fast-track to that perfect life with a pretty pink bow on top. I like things a little messy, rough, organic, and flowy, especially right now as we are in this great shift! Let’s be flowing, flowery, flawed, as we embrace the new Flower of Life perfection!

Let go of the old definition of perfection. Perfect is being with what is and following your BLI$$

I mean is your vag (yoni lips for instance) totally symmetrical? Why should your life/business/relationships/money be this linear boxy thing? Ahhhh, I LOVE the Divine Feminine way, where thumb-4everything is already perfect, where the creed is:

  1. Do what FEELS good and brings you BLI$$
  2. Base everything on Divine Love
  3. Release fear by returning to love
  4. Connect to your womb (PU$$Y Power) to get your answers and to manifest whatever you desire
  5. Find systems, people, and opportunities that support your mission and bliss
  6. Let go of having to know what the hell you’re doing!

No, I want women to come together who maybe even don’t know what the f&c$ they’re doing in life next – who have no solid plans, but who feel called to doing something really big, healing for the earth, and really really exciting!

thumb-5I call in women around the world now who have a magical little girl inside of them waiting to come out and even get paid – a fairy even – who is getting the chance to explore play, freedom, and magic of the Divine Daughter for the first time on this planet EVER with ownership to money, land, and fame. I pray that we start creating love nests, goddess temples, beautiful communities for lovers, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to be soul family and live in Light!