psychic schools onlineAs the founder of Aphrodite University, I am going to try to be as unbiased as possible in writing this article. I truly believe there is a divine right fit program for every student. There are so many intelligent beings waking up to their metaphysical gifts, memories, and who are being called to follow their passions as a mystic. There is a current need for top-quality metaphysical education, and students around the world are wanting to find their ideal fit. I hope to help you metaphysically based students choose and attract your soulmate metaphysical school so you can make the most out of your time, education, dollars, and energy.

I propose that we replace the fear-based and competition-based mentality with one of love, universal support, and open to the field of possibilities!

How to choose the best online metaphysical university for you

online atlantean mystery schoolAs mystics, we know that the universe is infinite. You truly can create whatever you want, from nothing! I created my 6-figure BLI$$ness from next to nothing over a 2 year period! So the best question to ask is: which metaphysical degree program is divinely right for you?

Instead of coming from a place of what school is the right school, it becomes more about finding that soul-matched school. The first question to ask before you go off looking for your soulmate school is, “What support do I need to succeed in my life, my healing, my career, and my soul purpose?” and find that support.

As you read further, I recommend that you to tune into your YOUniversity – that sacred space inside of you that holds all of the answers. We exist in a holographic universe of which we are the mini gods and goddesses. Even a single cell within our body holds a micro universe that reflects everything going on within our own universe. Truly, we are living within worlds within worlds.  Thus, the first question in choosing your online metaphysical program becomes obvious:

What do you desire?

psychic training programAt Aphrodite University, instead of focusing on what’s already existing outside of us, we go inward and tune into our desires. In fact, we suggest that the outside is simply a reflection of what’s going on within. Therefore, it’s important to seek within to determine your goals,

Before looking up a bunch of metaphysical schools, spiritual nutrition programs, online alternative somatic psychology programs, holistic theology schools, or psychic energy healing programs (like I did!), I beg you to ask yourself this question first: what do you desire? Most of us get caught up in the game of fear, and we design our lives around it. How much can I make if I graduate from this school? Will my family think I am crazy if I go to this school? What would my friends do? If a school I like isn’t accredited, will I look like a phony? Whether conscious or unconscious, we produce streams of negative and fear-based thought forms that compute them as being the truth. In reality though, we can be, create, achieve and receive everything we truly desire.  If the cosmic mind can create it, the human mind can too.

I attended my online university several years ago and knew that there was a right fit PhD program for me. Yet I had all these false beliefs about how it had to look. Several weeks passed, and I knew something
was blocking me. So I went into meditation and heard a voice say, “What do you want?” I wrote down a list of aspects I desired in my soulmate matched metaphysical university. Here is the list I wrote:

  1. It’s an online metaphysical college that is in my price range
  2. It has both the feel of an ancient metaphysical mystery school, and a modern-day practical program that helps people heal
  3. I wanted to focus on transpersonal counseling, metaphysical healing arts, and wellness
  4. I wanted classes to be self-paced, online, and to not have to pay for books or hidden extras
  5. I didn’t want any dogmas, gurus, or hidden religions behind it (past life or present life)
  6. I wanted the opportunity to socialize with other students if I wanted to, but to not have to
  7. I desired a totally free-spirited community who were doing cool things as planetary healers
  8. I wanted professors to be fun, uplifting, charismatic, and caring
  9. I didn’t want the academic load to take away from my wellness, my own healing or to be stressful
  10. Finally, I really wanted the school to be owned and run by a woman because I love goddess energy!

reiki certification program online After I wrote my list, I went for a hike with my friend Katie. I told her that the school that I described in my list hadn’t showed up yet, but that I wasn’t giving up. I did tell her that I was annoyed that all of the metaphysical schools that I found were owned by men, especially because I feel like a majority of the students in my previous metaphysical trainings were female! Katie said to me, “I bet when you use your psychic tools to bless your list, you will find the perfect program.” The woman was right! We did a mini meditation, I went home, found out that the first program I’d checked was woman owned, I just had disregarded it because the website was kinda tacky (but that wasn’t on the list!).

What I say to you is, write down the list. Feel into your heart, your desires, and if you’re a woman, tune into your womb wisdom. The school I attended was magical and I had many shamanic mystical experiences and synchronicities showing me that I was in the perfect place. I know that you will find the perfect metaphysical school using your own intuition, and everything else will align, right down to how you’re going to pay for it! I received a chunk of money as an inheritance right before signing for my PhD program, and I know that it was not coincidence. You will have miracles and magic show up when it’s your time to enroll in a your metaphysical PhD or other graduate or undergraduate degree!

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Dr. Amanda Noelle is the founder of Aphrodite University. To learn more, please attend our free upcoming New Moon Class/Ceremonies once a month taught by Dr. Noelle. See you there!